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granite headstones

Granite headstones are the perfect headstones for your loved one who has passed away. Grave Markers and tombstones made of granite and marbles are the most popular choice in the thousands of years since headstones have been in use. Granite headstones owe their popularity to the sturdiness of granite as a headstone material. Granite has been known as Earth’s most elegant natural stone. Many of the world’s most elegant structures, artists and architects are made of granite material. The classic, long-lasting construction make granite headstones perfect for memorializing loved-ones for generations to come.

Besides being elegant and beautiful, granite is one of the hardest natural materials in the world. It has its origins from the very core of the Earth, having been formed millions of years ago from cooled molten lava. This natural element of granite makes it perfect for granite headstones.

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