Granite Benches

Granite Memorial Benches

Granite benches for memorials have become very popular as a cemetery memorial to complement a headstone.

It has been said that a cemetery is probably the most peaceful spot in any city, and granite cemetery benches help to make that true. Granite benches are a timeless piece adding beauty to your cemetery to make it feel as though you are in a park setting while visiting your loved ones. Granite benches can make gorgeous center pieces for memorial displays at residences, or, sometimes even in public parks or on the grounds of large institutions such as colleges or corporations. No matter the location, granite cemetery benches certainly can make for beautiful memorials.

Granite benches for memorial are available in a variety of styles and colors for matching any existing grave marker or monument that you may already have. Granite cemetery benches can be personalized with luxurious engraving, and many can even be custom designed to fit your individual needs and desires. Simply send us a copy of your design and we can let you know if we can produce it for you.

Whatever your choice, and purpose, of your cemetery bench, it is important that, before you buy, you check with your cemetery or other relevant landowner to make certain your plans are acceptable. Some cemeteries have strict rules regarding granite cemetery benches and, simply that a certain style or type of bench is available does not guarantee that it will be acceptable for your cemetery planner.

Styles of Granite Benches

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