The special mother memorial garden angels is a very nice gift for someone who lost a loved one.

The beautiful memorial garden angel could be a wonderful way to celebrate your loved mother’s life and all the sweet moments filled with her gifts of love. It feels like she will live on within your family.

Memorial Angel Statue Garden Decoration
Sympathy Gifts – Memorial Angel Statue Garden Decoration
Want to honor a loved one’s memory?

There is no greater heartbreak than to lose a loved one, be it a relative, a friend or even a pet. We grieve with tremendous difficulty often with painful memories. Then, we will pick ourselves up and move on. But that does not mean we should forget about the special memories and the bond that they give us.

Our loved ones are no longer with us, but their memories will never fate.

Use special Mother Memorial Garden Angel to remember a loved one. When words just don’t seem to be enough, a statue in garden and remember those we have lost is a condolence.

This Beautiful Decorative gift can show how much you care for your love one by gifting it to your relatives, friends or keeping it as remembrance gift for yourself. The statue comes with beautiful packaging that ready to be sent as gift & our customized sympathy card printed on a special paper is included.

Key Features

  • Exquisitely Detailed – This exquisitely detailed piece is another Garden Angel Figurines Statue exclusive. Fine details are evident everywhere, from the weathered crackling in the bark, to the delicate pink flowers surrounding the Heavenly Cross.
  • Perfect in size – This garden angel statue is 8.6” Tall x 7.3” Wide x 5.3” Thick (in inches), durable weather resistant resin material, suitable for indoor & outdoor use. It included one user guide and 1 Nimh AA battery.
  • Easy to Use & Multipurpose – No wiring is required for this statue perfect as garden decor, suitable for the garden, trees, flowers, flowerbed, fence, walkway, room and graveyard. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

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