Cremation Urns for Burial

Cremation Urns for Human Ashes that made from natural stone granite or marble is a perfect keepsake for burial, niche, funeral, columbarium, scattering ashes, displaying in your home, or as a reminder and in remembrance of their love and spirit. Memorialize your loved one and keep them in remembrance with the beauty and dignity they deserve.

Keepsake Cremation Urns we supply are made from 100% natural granite or marble stone quarried from natural resources of China, and even all over the world. Our flag-top cremation urns are made from high quality Shanxi Black Granite.

Each urns is hand crafted and turned from a solid piece of granite or marble and polished to shine. The granite urns also have a unique origin and color due to the natural variances that occur in natural stone. These urns are unique, affordable, and durable suitable for outdoor use. They range from the full size for adults to medium and small keepsakes to fit various profiles.

Absolute Black Granite Cremation Urn for Ashes
Absolute Black Granite Cremation Urn for Human Ashes
Remember Your Loved Ones with Unique and Beautiful Cremation Urns

When you have lost your loved one, you have lost a unique and beautiful child, companion, spouse, mother, father or friend. There is no better way to commemorate their life than a unique and beautiful granite keepsake urns. At, we have a wide variety of natural granite and marble cremation urns to help you keep their legacy alive.

Natural stone cremation urns do more than store the remains of your loved one; they beautifully display their legacy. Selecting the perfect stone cremation urn for the remains of your loved one can be easy with this helpful guide. Below are some features to consider before making a decision:

How to Choose the Right Cremation Urn?
  • Size: Our granite and marble urns in a wide range of sizes, from small urns for pets and infant cremation urns, to large urns for adults, and even companion urns that can keep the ashes of couples.
  • Material: Our keepsake cremation urns are made from natural granite or marble materials that mainly quarried from natural resources of China.
  • Style: Our natural granite and marble urns come in a variety of colors and styles. They are beautifully hand crafted by skilled artisans. Each urns have a unique color and pattern due to the natural variances that occur in natural stone.
  • Personalization: You can personalize your cremation urn as you like. You can have a picture engraved, a personal message that includes the deceased’s name and details about their birth and life. There may be additional fees for personalization.

Details make our urns special:

  • Our cremation urns are made from natural granite or marble material.
  • A wide variety of sizes, including small pet ashes keepsakes, adult cremation urns, extra large urns for human ashes, personalized urns for couple ashes, etc.
  • Text and photos can be engraved and filled with white or black.
  • Granite keepsake cremation urns are eco-friendly, durable to use, can withstand extreme weather conditions and other possibly damaging conditions.
  • These granite funeral urns can be used for display in the home, a columbarium niche or as a traditional burial urn.
  • This urn is engineered to be as strong as a vault making it ideal for burial or permanent display.
NameStone Keepsake Cremation Urns
Dimensions8″ W x 8″ D x 12″ H/10″W x 7.5″H x 9.5″D, or can be customized
MaterialGranite or Marble
ColorBlack, Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, etc.
FinishingLettering, Photo Etching, Hand carving, etc.
SizeStandard Size or Customized Size.
Delivery21 days after receiving deposit
PackingFumigated wooden crate outside, with plastic foam protection inside.
Keepsake Cremation Urns Parameters

Granite & Marble Cremation Urns for Ashes

Keepsake Cremation Urns offers granite and marble cremation urns in a wide variety of types and colors that designed for human adult ashes, pets ashes, single or couple ashes. Those memorial keepsake urns can be displayed in your home, niche, funeral, columbarium, burial, scattering ashes, or as a reminder and in remembrance of their love and spirit. Our flag-top keepsake cremation urns are made from Shanxi Black Granite material. They come in round, square, oval, and other shapes.

Black Granite Urn for Human Ashes Adult

Black Granite Urn for Adult Ashes

This absolute black granite memorial urn accommodate for adult ashes weight up to 220 ponds before cremation. It was crafted from premium-quality Shanxi Black Granite material, carved with an elegant design, the great hardness and timeless aesthetic will catch your eye!

White Marble Companion Engravable Cremation Urn

Companion Urn for 2 Adults

Cremation urns have two compartments and is ideal for couples and parents. The companion urn are made from naturally quarried granite or marble materials, carving into a square urn shape, and polished to perfection, holding approximately 400 cubic inches of cremated ashes of 2 adults.

White Marble Urn for Ashes

White Marble Urn for Funeral

The marble is quarried naturally, carved into a round urn shape, and polished to perfection. Because the marble is natural, the color and pattern variation of each urn creates a a beautiful, one-of-kind memorial. You can also get your personalized urn by engraving names, dates, and inscriptions.

Dark Grey Granite Cremation Urn for Burial

Small Urns for Dad / Mum Ashes

This Dark Grey Granite Urn is designed with small size for single person ashes containing for burial, memorial, funeral, memorializing your father, mother, or your loved ones with the beauty and dignity they deserve.

Paw Print Dog Cremation Urn

Pet Urns for Dogs / Cats

Pet urns for dogs or cats will give your pet a final resting place. While your beloved furry friend might be gone, their memory will forever live on and you can always keep your pet close with pet ashes keepsake.

Wooden Pet Ashes Box

Memorial Box for Ashes

Wooden cremation boxes for ashes of human adult, child or your beloved pet. Wood urns are made of solid wood material, Bamboo, Rosewood, or Walnut Wood, durable and portable for memorial and decoration.

Samples of Granite/Marble Cremation Urns Available:

You can browse the following samples to determine what type of memorials for your beloved one, or you can also design and build a custom upright or slant memorial with curved top, or any other shape, with any inscription you want and any design you can imagine. Just send us your idea and pictures to us through email:

Want to Buy Granite Cremation Urns?

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Would you like to buy cremation urns for ashes adult or pet directly from a Chinese manufacturer?

At Cemetery Headstones, we offer a large variety of standard memorial urns, monuments and headstone with various styles and designs from which choose. We can also design and build a custom funeral urn that can honor them with a vessel as unique as the life they lived, any shape or style, with any inscription you want and any design you can imagine.

Hand carving, photo etching, and lettering are supported. Just send your design to us. Production of granite headstones and gravestones is done in our monument factory using state-of-the art equipment.

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