Granite Memorial Vases for Graves

Memorial Vases for flowers can be added to the base of a headstone in a matching granite or metal. We offer a wide assortment of Memorials vases to enhance and personalize the monument. And you can get your inscription / lettering on all vases and splays.

The memorial vases always be inserted with aluminum vase where the actual hole is already provided. Come and take a look at some of the special offers we have for our ranges of memorial vases.

China Engraved Black Granite Vases for Memorial Graves
Granite Memorial Vases for Graves

As you frequently visit the cemetery and bring flowers, they can be neatly placed in a vase that can be installed right at the head of the grave. These quality vases will add a beautiful touch to your loved one’s memorial and will last for generations. The vases work well as a twin set, one on each side of a headstone.

Granite vases are made of natural granite stone that withstand the rigors of outdoor use. They will not rust, corrode, or crack from freezing. They will last for years in the baking sun and can be easily wiped clean to remove hard water deposits.

There are several ways of securing the vase to the ground or to a headstone:

  • The included metal spike can easily be attached and driven into the ground.
  • The vases can be installed securely onto concrete with anchor bolts.
  • The vases can be glued to a concrete surface. Use good surface preparation and outdoor adhesive.

Granite Memorial Headstone Vases

Granite is a very durable igneous stone that is naturally created deep within the surface of the Earth. It is excavated from quarries in large blocks, which, for this purpose, are cut down to an appropriate, workable size. Once the stone is cut into a smaller block and cored, a skilled artisan then places the block on a lathe, which spins it at a great speed. As the stone turns, the artisan begins to carve into the piece, shaping it into a gorgeous vase to elegantly hold the floral arrangements of choice.

Main Features

Memorial Vases offer families a way to find a vase that will match, or maybe even emphasize virtually any existing memorial.

  • Vases are virtually indestructible. A bump from the lawn mower or weed trimmer will not affect the vase.
  • Granite memorial vases will not crack, rust, or deteriorate. Can freeze full of water and still will not crack or break. Will withstand year after year of baking in the sun. Any hard water build up can easily be cleaned off making it shine like new.
  • The vase selection of granite vases not only offers a variety of colors to select from, but also size and shape options, to help ensure the piece elegantly compliments the existing memorial.
  • These vases are made of a large variety of different types of granite stone, which helps offer a wide selection of color choices.
  • Granite vases for cemetery headstones are of a traditional design that is intended to be displayed upright, at all times.
  • These vases are certainly ideal for families looking to add an elegant final touch to the final remembrance of their loved ones, or even for those needing to replace an existing vase.
NameCemetery Grave Memorial Granite Vase for Flowers
MaterialGranite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone, Basalt, etc.
Stone ChoiceBlue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Shanxi Black, Indian Black, India Red,G603, G633, G9402, G654, Aurora, Abbey Grey, Imperial Red, Ruby Red, Vizag Blue, Tropical Green, Olive Green, Parodiso, Bahama Blue, Tan Brown, Pink, Mahagony, White Marble, etc.
ColorBlack, White, Grey, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, etc.
FinishingPolished visible sides, Flower Etching, Finish can be customized also.
UsageCemetery, Garden, Park
Size and ShapeCould be custom by client’s photos and drawings or offer design by our company.
PackagingSeaworthy wooden crates with thick foam inside.
Delivery Time7-20 days for one container of 20’GP.
Payment Term30% T/T in advance,70% before loading or L/C at sight
Memorial Headstone Granite Vases for Flowers

Granite Grave Vases Supplier and Manufacturer: is a manufacturer of granite memorial vases and headstones in China. The vast selection of vases not only offers a variety of colors to select from, but also size and shape options, to help ensure the piece elegantly compliments the existing memorial. offers granite vases for cemetery in different colors, size, and designs, especially Shanxi Black Granite Vases are the most unique and popular products for their tight structure, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance and other features, can be used outdoors for a long time. You can browse the following samples to determine what type of memorial vases, or you can customize them by sending us the picture and the drawings. Just send us your idea and pictures to us through email:

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Would you like to bulk buy granite memorial vases for graves directly from a cemetery vase supplier and manufacturer?

At Cemetery Headstones, we offer a wide variety of granite cemetery vases for flowers with different styles, shapes, and colors from which you can choose. And the memorial vases can also be customized by client’s photos and drawings or offer design by our company.

Hand carving, photo etching, and lettering are supported. Just send your design to us. Production of granite vases for grave headstones and tombstones is done in our monument factory using state-of-the art equipment.

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