Pillow style monument and headstones

Cemetery headstones come in many sizes and shapes. But stone shapes is limited by your local cemetery rules. Your cemetery will have guidelines telling you what style of monument may be placed on the grave.

Most cemeteries allow, and even require, flat-with-the-ground markers and pillow top style monuments and headstones. These markers are a nice way to modestly elevate the memorial from the ground.

Companion Bevel Gravestone
Companion Pillow Top Gravestone

Pillow style Headstones are a low profile grave marker where the higher back slopes to the lower front. In most cases, the slope is either 8″ in the back to 5″ in the front or 6″ in the back to 4″ in the front.

As an alternative to the traditional upright memorial stones, pillow style monuments are designed with a higher back edge, creating a slightly sloped face where the granite is to be lettered and etched. This visual effect makes the face of the monument more legible and elevates the memorial off of the ground.

On a pillow style monument different areas can be polished, for example:
  • Top only (Polish 1)
  • Top, back and front (Polish 3)
  • Top, back, front and sides (Polish 5)
  • The areas that are polished on the stone dictate where the lettering or design can be placed.

The areas that are polished on the stone dictate where the lettering or design can be placed.

Gallery of Pillow Top Monuments and Headstones

Pillow top headstones are available in various sizes. The size is best determined when it is known whether one of more persons will be memorialized on the monument. In addition, pillow top grave markers can be installed with or without a granite base.

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  1. My dad passed away two days ago, and since I’m in charge of his headstone, I’m currently looking for one that could customize one. I’m glad you shared this; I’ll make sure to request for a pillow style headstone because this could help elevate the memorial form the ground. It’s also great to learn that these are available in different sizes as well.

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