Tombstones is a central memorial tradition to honor the one who passed away.

Nowadays tombstones often be designed elaborately. The beautiful structure and elegant design of most tombstones today makes a stroll through one of today’s cemeteries reminiscent of a walk through a lovely park.

Tombstones’ style changed much in these year.

Tombstones of yesteryear were usually large, upright pieces of sculpted stone that had written information about the people whose graves they marked. But most of today’s tombstones are smaller, simpler, plaque-like pieces made of bronze, granite, or a combination of the two, and they are displayed directly on the ground at the head of graves. The up-right tombstones are less common today than they once were because time has shown that they have a tendency to deteriorate and fall over as years pass. Tombstones that are installed at ground level are designed to weather the elements much longer.

granite tombstone manufacturing process
Granite Tombstone Manufacturing Process

Cemetery Headstone Manufacturer

Today’s tombstones usually come in two varieties: bronze and granite. Bronze tombstones typically include bronze plates with special memorial designs and lettering that name the deceased as well as the dates of birth and death. These plates are then attached to granite bases and then installed in cemeteries as beautiful tombstones. Granite tombstones, meanwhile, are formed from one of the world’s oldest and strongest natural materials, which has been shaped, polished and chiseled into a tombstone that will certainly last for ages.

Things You Should Consider to Choose a Tombstones:

  • Material (granite, bronze, or other types)
  • Size, color and Style (upright, flush to the ground)
  • Headstone designs
  • Inscription (offensive language is a no-no)
  • Quality
  • Maintenance fee (or are you responsible?)

Special Tombstone Symbols and Their Meaning:

Probably, the best place to see the language of symbols is in your local cemetery. Different symbols and emblems used on tombstones and headstones have different meanings and understandings. The following is a small sampling of some common tombstone symbols. Like any type of art, some images fall out of fashion, and some icons are favored in one area and unseen in another. For example, one image common in cemeteries in the Midwest is that of shaking hands. This image is not common in Colorado cemeteries.

TYPES OF Tombstone?​

Cemetery Tombstones and Headstones for Sale​

Cemetery Headstones supplies a complete selection of memorial monuments and headstones, such as slant gravestones, flat markers, upright tombstones, bench-style memorial stone, irregular Boulders, etc.

slant grave marker

Slant Tombstones

Slant Grave Headstonesare also called as slant markers, which come with a slanted polished face and rock pitched edges, serpentine top with a straight back and are installed on a concrete foundation or on a granite base.

red granite child grave marker

Flat Tombstones

Flat Markers are the simplest and most economical of all memorials. Flat Grave Markers are usually 3-4 inch thickness, rectangle in shape, polished surface with sawn sides, and any desired pattern or artwork can be engraved.

memorial benches

Memorial Benches

Memorial granite benches are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Cemetery Headstones Company supplies a complete selection of granite memorial benches with affordable price. And laser lettering can be customized.

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Would you like to buy a durable granite heart shaped headstone to commemorate the love one directly from a manufacturer?

At Cemetery Headstones, we offer a large variety of standard cemetery monument and headstone styles and designs from which choose. We can also design and build a custom upright monument, any shape or style, with any inscription you want and any design you can imagine.

Hand carving, photo etching, and lettering are supported. Just send your design to us. Production of granite headstones and gravestones is done in our monument factory using state-of-the art equipment.

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