Engraved Red Stone Pet Memorial Headstone Grave Marker

This Memorial Stone is 4in. x 8in. Perfect for the garden, or on display. This stone is a beautiful pet memorial or just a lovely stone with your pet, or other loved ones name.

Sweet paw prints, and a photograph can be engraved surround your pet’s name, with a beautiful message to remind you that your furry friend is with you forever.

Flat Memorial Markers are set flush to the ground, and are the smallest of the memorials that we offer. While not as large as other memorials, those red stone pet memorial grave markers still commemorate your loved one with the beauty and eternal endurance that you would expect from a tribute.

red granite child grave marker
Red Granite Child Grave Marker
Red Granite and Bronze Grave Marker
Red Granite and Bronze Grave Marker with Roses Vintage Car and Cat

Main Features:

Just give us the name and years of your pet during checkout. If you would like a more customized pet memorial, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Deep engraved by hand by expert craftsmen for superior quality. Sandblast deep engraved to last a lifetime Engraved on High Quality Natural Red Stone.

  • A large variety of stones are available at all price ranges.
  • Weather resistant pictures can be permanently embedded in the stone for a lasting remembrance.
  • Granite stone color options are Imperial Red, Ruby Red, India Red.
  • For pet memorials, paw prints, dog angel, roses, crosses, and other elements can be etched on the grave marker.
  • Stone pet memorial grave marker can laid directly on the pets grave, placed in a Memory Garden, or displayed in your home.

Bulk Buy Red Stone Memorial Grave Markers from China:

  • Material: Granite, Marble, or Rock
  • Color: Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Butterfly-Green, Bahama Green, etc.
  • The memorial headstones could include the photo etching and inscription words or poem, like “Gone yet not forgotten, although we are apart, your spirit lives within me, forever in my heart.”.
  • We are a manufacturer in China. So, bulk order from wholesalers are welcomed.
  • Delivery: 21 days after receiving deposit
  • Request quote by sending us email: sales@cemetery-headstones.net

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