Slant Memorials

Slant Memorials

Slant Memorial is like a wedge on the ground. They usually stand typically 16 or so inches above the ground with the vertical back and the polished face sloping at about a 45 degree angle. The slant memorials are always supported by a foundation. And a headstone base can raise the slant marker off the ground as to not hide the lettering from the planting or desirable of a different look.

Slant shape is very popular and is a good compromise between the pillow marker and the tablet & base. The back can be engraved with the family name, poems, photos or other sentiments. Bronze plaques can be attached to the front or back. The inclined inscription surface of slant headstone not only contributes to the prominence of the inscription, but also, unlike the flat or flush marker it sheds the rainfall and nature, which keeps it clean.

Slant type memorial in singularly appropriate in association with a family memorial or as a single or double grave marker.

Sample of Slant Memorials

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