• Headstones are also known as tombstones or gravestones in many parts of the world. Headstones are memorial stones set in the memory of the person at his or her grave. The history of headstone is very interesting as well as fascinating too as you get to know about attitudes, beliefs, and livelihoods of our ancestors. Let’s have a brief look at headstone history.

Wing Monuments

Wing Monuments

Wing Monuments is the popular design for pepole to memorialize their loved one’s life. Wing-style Monuments come in a variety of granite colors, finishes and sizes. The wings can be a separate piece, connected by a plinth, or can be one-piece unit. With photograph eched, Cross or Rose engraved, that symbolised love and faith and added individuality.

The traditional wing monuments have a base with a champher for the family name, two tablets (his & hers), a plynth (the piece with the childrens names) and a tapered vase.

Winged Shape Monuments

wing monument

Winged-Style Monuments Headstones:

Winged-Style Memorial Statue Sculpture Figurine:

Winged Style Memorial Stuff

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