Memorialize your little angel with teddy bear design headstones.

The Teddy Bear Headstone is a perfect memorial for a little baby. The teddy can be carved holding a heart and the stone gives maximum inscription space. Infant-Child Memorial Headstone with Teddy Bear laser engraved on polished black granite is also a perfect lasting memorial for your loved one. There’re many designs What’s more, teddy bear and star, teddy bear on moon, and other designs provide you more option to choose for your little angel.

Our teddy bear headstones come with a wide variety of granite colors, like absolute black granite, red granite, light or dark grey granite, dark green, blue pearl granite, and so on.

Teddy Bear Headstone Monument
Teddy Bear Memorial Gravestone

Teddy Bear Baby Memorials

Hand-crafted the finest Teddy Bear headstones from high quality granite and helping to create lasting tributes to special children.
  • Color: Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Dark Green, etc.
  • Material: Granite and Marble
  • Features: Weatherproof, durable, long-lasting memorial headstones and monuments.
  • Laser etching, hand carving skills are applied to create the striking memorial teddy bear grave headstones.
NameTeddy Bear Headstone
StyleTeddy Bear with Heart, Star, Moon
MaterialGranite or Marble
SurfacePolished, Honed, Flamed, Splitted, Carving and Bush Hammered, etc.
FinishingLettering, Photo Etching, Sculpture, Hand carving, etc.
ServiceCompetitive price, CAD drawing design, Prompt quoting & delivery
Delivery21 days after receiving deposit
Teddy Bear Headstones Info

Samples of Teddy Bear Carving Headstones

We are so sorry for the loss of your child. We want to help bring comfort to your family by offering monuments that are tailored for your beloved child. Our child memorials infant grave marker are available in a wide variety of colors, size, and designs. You can browse the following samples to determine what type of memorials for your beloved child, or you can also design and build a custom child memorial grave marker, upright headstone, any shape or style, with any inscription you want and any design you can imagine. Just send us your idea and pictures to us through email:

Teddy Bear Style Headstones

Infant headstone is a lasting memory to a loved and departed child. Infant loss memorial not only can memorialize the life of a infant, but also help families who have lost a infant cope with the suffering. Infant memorial is almost always decorated according to the universal themes of childhood. They typically are designed with the goal of capturing the child’s happy, fun-loving, innocent spirit, and displaying that spirit for the ages. Pacifiers, baby blocks, hearts, or other symbols of the carefree days of childhood are typical parts of the design of child memorials.

With our Children & Infant Granite Grave Markers, you can memorialize your loved one forever.

All our Memorials and Headstones are make of granite and marbles, the best material of choice for headstones and grave markers. You can select the design from the following pictures, or send your own design with picture or drawing for our custom production.

Granite Colors of Teddy Bear Headstones

Our Teddy Bear Headstones come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The popular colors of granite upright headstones and markers are red, gray, brown, jet black, and even green.

All of our infant monuments are made of granite and marble Shanxi Black Granite, China Black Granite, Baldwin Green, Forest Green, Sand Wave Granite, and other popular marble material comes from some of the finest quarries in China. Granite is one of the hardest stones known to man, ensuring a beautiful monument that will endure for decades to come.

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Cemetery Headstones offers the most affordable headstone prices. Our granite infant headstones, teddy bear style tombstones and monuments are uses only top grades of granite from around the world. Production of granite headstones and gravestones is done in our monument factory using state-of-the art equipment.

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  1. Losing a younger member of a family would always be a very hard and terrible experience. Finding headstones and organizing farewells would probably be grueling. it’s good to know that there are services like this let’s give carved-out structures like teddy bears and moon that would make their graves more memorable.

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