Gravestones have a long history of being the perfect memorial for the dead, and they have played a key role in the evolution of todays often elaborately landscaped cemeteries.

grave stonesThe term gravestones itself is probably rooted in a long-held Jewish custom in which visitors to a grave place stones at the head. This tradition reportedly began centuries ago when a Jewish man broke the Sabbath to write a note that was used to solve a crime. Feeling guilty for the transgression, but knowing that what he had done was necessary, the man asked that his grave be "stoned" upon his death. And so the tradition of gravestones began. Placing stones on a grave is now seen as a way to honor the person memorialized by documenting the number of visitors to his or her grave over the years.

Todays cemeteries have become what historians call a "cultural institution," but gravestones have been at the center of that change. Gravestones typically are elaborately designed tributes to the lives of those who they honor and, as such, they are key elements of the sophisticated landscaping that is the focal point of most of modern cemeteries. The strong, elegant structure of most gravestones makes a stroll through one of todays cemeteries, for many people, as pleasant as walk through a well-maintained park.

The overall look of gravestones has changed rather dramatically as cemeteries have evolved. Gravestones of days gone by were usually large, up-right pieces of sculpted stone upon which had been chiseled information about the people they memorialized. By contrast, most of today’s gravestones are simpler and smaller, plaque-like pieces made of granite, bronze or a combination of the two. And they are displayed directly on the ground at the head of graves. These gravestones have often replaced the up-right gravestones , which are less common today because they have shown a tendency to deteriorate and fall over as years pass. Gravestones installed at ground level are designed to stand up to the elements much longer.

Todays gravestones usually are usually of two main materials: bronze and granite. Bronze gravestones usually have bronze plates with special memorial designs and lettering are mouned to granite bases and then installed in cemeteries as bronze gravestones. Granite gravestones, meanwhile, are fashioned out of the Earths strongest and oldest natural materials, which has been polished and chiseled into a gravestone that will certainly even centuries.

Personalized Gravestones – Our hearts still

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Gravestones Saying And Inscriptions

Burying a loved one is never easy. We all know how hard it can be. However, the legend you leave behind with memorial gravestone sayings and inscriptions are important for the headstone is more for the living. Don’t get us wrong, they do honor the deceased, but the words read tell people who you were.

Today gravestone sayings have evolved in various forms. Bereaved family members wish to choose biblical quotes while others prefer quotes of famous personalities. The gravestone sayings & quotes when taken from these sources, normally depict their achievements and personalities which are synonymous with them. The hgravestone sayings are sometimes funny, reflecting the jovial and comic character of the deceased. People might have led their life with immense fun and frolic and in memory of his liveliness, inscriptions with happy or funny notes are engraved.

So read these gravestone sayings to get an idea about the nature of these quotes and sayings.

Gravestone Sayings – Females

forever with the Angel Memorial Stepping stone

Headstone sayings for mom, wife, daughter, sister and grandmother are always very sentimental reflecting her importance in one’s life. It is even touching for other family members and close friends. Here’s few inscriptions for them.

She wrapped all colors of life,
gave it to us as a Gift
let her soul rest in peace
We shall miss you!

Sleep on sweet wife
your soul lies, but for me
you still breathe,
with endless Love,
you will be forever mine!

Gravestone Sayings – Males

grave stone for father

Demise of father, son, husband, teacher, brother, grandfather, brother also carry immense emotion along with it. Headstone sayings for them reflect their generosity, devotion and also their success. Here’s few tombstone sayings for them.

He was an emblem for love
his heart as vast and ocean
with full of care and concern
We shall miss you Daddy

He was beside me
in every thick and thin
His departure is more than
a vacuum
I still breathe for you – Dear Husband.

Famous Gravestone Quotes

Here’s few headstone sayings and quotes by famous personalities, inscribed on gravestones. These quotes are inspirational and can help you to bear the grief and pain of the death to some extent.

Good frend for Jesus sake forbeare to
dig the dust encloased heare.
Blest be ye man yt spares these stones and
crust be he yet moves my bones ~ William Shakespeare

While we are mourning the loss of our friend,
others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil ~ John Taylor

With what a deep devotedness of woe
I wept thy absence – o’er and o’er again
Thinking of thee, still thee, till thought grew pain,
And memory, like a drop that, night and day,
Falls cold and ceaseless, wore my heart away! ~ Thomas Moore

And with the morn those angel faces smile
Which I have loved long since and lost awhile ~ John Henry Newman

If we have been pleased with life,
we should not be displeased with death,
since it comes from the hand of the same master ~ Michelangelo

Let the dead have the immortality of fame,
but the living the immortality of love ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you,
they’re supposed to help you discover who you are ~ Bernice Johnson Reagon

I am ready to meet my Maker.
Whether my Maker is prepared,
for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter ~ Winston Churchill

God’s finger touched him, and he slept ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

There is but one freedom,
To put oneself right with death.
After that everything is possible.
I cannot force you to believe in God.
Believing in God amounts to coming to terms with death.
When you have accepted death, the problem of God will be solved–and not the reverse ~ Albert Camus

Funny Gravestone Sayings

Funny headstone sayings is usually meant for people having a comic theme in their life. Sometimes funny lines also depict paradox in lives of human beings.

It was a Cough
That carried him Off
It was a Coffin
They Carried him Off

Alien tears will fill for him; Pity’s long-broken ern.
For his mourners will be outcast men,
And outcasts always mourn ~ Oscar Wilde’s Tombstone

I was well, I wished to be better; here I am

Here lies the body
of Sundae John
Stepped on the gas
Instead of the brake

Here lies
Cathy Stela
Age 105
The good die young

Here lies the body of our Mama
Brought to death by a banana
It wasn’t the fruit that laid her low
the skin that made her go