When a loved one has passed away we are left with a terrible void in our lives. To commemorate the one we so dearly miss, we need to design and buy a headstone for that person. Sometimes, after losing a loved one, the task of headstone selection may seem to be overwhelming. We attempt to make the task of buying a headstone become simple.

Before shopping for a headstone, make sure to consider the following three factors:

  1. If the burial is to be in a family plot, is a headstone already in place?
  2. Did the deceased specify what sort of headstone, if any, he or she wanted?
  3. Does the cemetery have specific guidelines or restrictions about what styles or materials can be used for grave markers? Some cemeteries specify that only metal or stone plaques be placed on the grave which is flush the ground to give a more garden-like appearance, others are particular that all of the tombstones match either exactly or are of similar style, material, or construction.
upright headstone with cross

You can purchase a headstone by looking around near cemeteries or funeral homes or online. The Internet provides a convenient and greate way to customize or design a headstone by previewing of your grave marker before you buy it.

How to buy a headstone, things need to be considered?

Step 1: Choose the cemetery location

Pick a cemetery that is a convenient distance for the majority of family members to visit. If family members are spread out, consider the person’s hometown. Or you can pick a cemetery that other family members are buried at. If the deceased has expressed a verbal or written wish on where they wish to be buried, make every attempt to honor that request. If that cemetery is not possible, try a close alternative.

Step 2: Find out if the cemetery allows traditional headstones or memorials on the grounds

The type of accepted grave marker may affect your choice.

Step 3: Contact a manufacturer of headstones and send the inquiry

Go to the grave markers company personally or look at photos of grave markers the manufacturer provides online.

Step 4: Select the material for the headstone

Granite and marble are considered to be the best option due to their extreme weather resistance and availability in many colors and stone patterns. But you may also choose bronze headstones.

Step 5: Choose the type, size, and shape of gravestone you desire

Remember that many cemeteries have limitations regarding headstone type and size. The monument company should review these limitations for you before you order the stone.

Step 6: Determine what information will appear on the stone

Most monument companies include a certain number of letters or words in the price of the stone, but if you want more information, more elaborate carving, or pictures to appear on the headstone, you will have to pay more.

Step 7: Approve the final layout with the headstones company

Before the information is carved into the stone, you will need to approve the design on paper.

Allow four to six weeks for completion of the carved stone. Check the marker to be sure all information is correct. Have the stone set. Either the monument company or the cemetery will be responsible for setting the stone, but you will have to pay an installation fee regardless of who sets it.

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  1. I like what you said about going to a monumental company to check for the type, size, and shape of the gravestone allowed in my chosen cemetery. I am looking for a stonemason that can help me in customizing my grandmother’s headstone. She said that before she dies, she wants to be the one who’ll select the materials, patterns, and etc. To grant her request, I am then looking for a monumental company with helpful stonemasons to help me commit to my promise.

  2. It’s nice that you pointed out how you could purchase a headstone by looking near cemeteries or funeral homes or online. I was reading a magazine earlier and I saw one article that talked about burials. It looks like signature monument dealers are quite common now, which definitely sounds very convenient.

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