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Wing Monuments

Wing Monuments

Wing Monuments is the popular design for pepole to memorialize their loved one’s life. Wing-style Monuments come in a variety of granite colors, finishes and sizes. The wings can be a separate piece, connected by a plinth, or can be one-piece unit. With photograph eched, Cross or Rose engraved, that symbolised love and faith and added individuality.

The traditional wing monuments have a base with a champher for the family name, two tablets (his & hers), a plynth (the piece with the childrens names) and a tapered vase.

Winged Shape Monuments

wing monument

Winged-Style Monuments Headstones:

Winged-Style Memorial Statue Sculpture Figurine:

Winged Style Memorial Stuff

paw print dog memorial stone

A Moment In Our Arms, Forever In Our Hearts Necklace – Personalized Memorial Jewelry

Mommy’s Angel Memorial Necklace – Engraved Jewelry – 1321

Winged Heart CREMATION URN Keepsake – MADE IN USA – With Velvet Pouch & Funnel

Silver Cremation Urn Keepsake – Large Winged Cross – on Swivel Stainless Steel Keychain

Slant Memorials

Slant Memorials

Slant Memorial is like a wedge on the ground. They usually stand typically 16 or so inches above the ground with the vertical back and the polished face sloping at about a 45 degree angle. The slant memorials are always supported by a foundation. And a headstone base can raise the slant marker off the ground as to not hide the lettering from the planting or desirable of a different look.

Slant shape is very popular and is a good compromise between the pillow marker and the tablet & base. The back can be engraved with the family name, poems, photos or other sentiments. Bronze plaques can be attached to the front or back. The inclined inscription surface of slant headstone not only contributes to the prominence of the inscription, but also, unlike the flat or flush marker it sheds the rainfall and nature, which keeps it clean.

Slant type memorial in singularly appropriate in association with a family memorial or as a single or double grave marker.

Sample of Slant Memorials

slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


slant memorial headstone


Slant Memorials on Amazon

Serp Top Monuments

The Serp Top Monuments usually are upright style with both back polished. The serp top can be polished or rock pitched, which gives it a rough natural stone appearance. The front of the serp top headstone can have flowers or photos or even cartoons being engraved.

Serp Top Monuments are available with a polished, part polished, honed or rustic finish in the following natural colours:

  • Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Grey, White, Pink, Brown, Multicolor etc. Such as Shanxi Black, China Black, Mogolia Black, Fengzheng Black, Black Galaxy, Impala Black, G654, G684 Black Pearl, G633, G603, G562, G682, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Ruby Red, Multicolor Red, Aurora, Paradiso, Bahama Blue, Orion, White Marble monument, tombstone, memorials, etc

Samples of Serp Top Monuments













Serp Top design

russian serp top monument
serp top monument
black granite monuments

Serp Top Monuments Headstones on Amazon:

Tropical Green Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Headstone

Morning Rose Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone

India Black Upright Monument Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone

India Red Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Headstone MN-284

Wisconsin Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Gravestone MN-285

Salisbury Pink Granite Upright Monument Headstone Gravestone MN-282

Salisbury Pink Granite Upright Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-287

Imperial Pink Granite Upright Monument Headstone Gravestone MN-273

Black Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-268

Bahama Blue Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Gravestone MN-271

India Red Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-272

India Red Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-267

Black Granite Monument Oval Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-264

Gray Granite Upright Monument Carved Mother with Child Gravestone MN-260

Paradisio Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-266

Barre Gray Granite Upright Wave Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-263

Emerald Pearl Granite Serpentine Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-261

Seashell Rose Granite Serpentine Gravemarker Headstone Gravestone MN-262

Absolute Black Granite Upright Monument Gravemarker Gravestone MN-255

Large Red Granite Memorial Headstone MN-97

Pillow Top Headstones

Pillow Top Headstones

Cemetery headstones come in many sizes and shapes. But stone shapes is limited by your local cemetery rules. Your cemetery will have guidelines telling you what style of monument may be placed on the grave.

Most cemeteries allow, and even require, flat-with-the-ground markers and pillow top style monuments and headstones. These markers are a nice way to modestly elevate the memorial from the ground.

Pillow style Headstones are a low profile grave marker where the higher back slopes to the lower front. In most cases, the slope is either 8" in the back to 5" in the front or 6" in the back to 4" in the front. On a pillow style monument different areas can be polished, for example:

  • top only (Polish 1)
  • top, back and front (Polish 3)
  • top, back, front and sides (Polish 5)

The areas that are polished on the stone dictate where the lettering or design can be placed.

Pillow top headstones are available in various sizes. The size is best determined when it is known whether one of more persons will be memorialized on the monument. In addition, pillow top grave markers can be installed with or without a granite base.

Sample of Pillow Top style Headstones













Pillow Top style Headstones on Amazon:

Absolute Slant Granite Memorial Marker MN-173

Granite Headstone 24″x12″‘x4″ Morning Rose

Granite Cornerstones (set of 2)

Cemetery marker headstone monument- engraving included

Grave Markers

Grave Markers for Memorial

Grave Makers on the market come in two varieties – bronze and granite grave markers. Granite Grave Markers are probably the most popular grave markers then bronze grave markers. Granite grave markers are formed from the world’s oldest and strongest natural materials, which has been shaped, polished and decorated into a grave headstones that will certainly last for years. Bronzes grave markers, typically, include bronze plates with a special memorial design and letters that name the deceased as well as the dates of birth and death. These plates are then attached to a granite base and then installed in cemeteries as beautiful grave markers.

GravemarkersGrave markers serve to help families cope with their losses and preserve a person’s memory for generations. Besides the emotional value, grave markers are also important for historians. Grave markers assure that lives can be documented decades, or even centuries, after death. The study construction of grave markers assures that the person being memorialized will be remembered long after the elements have destroyed paper records or technology has made electronic records obsolete.

We specially create granite grave markers and headstones and provide a wide selection for wholesalers and individuals who’re seeking memorial grave markers. Do browse our website to find the form and style you need. And customize Custom designs and dimensions are available. Please feel free to contact us for the prices and other information.

We appreciate your wishing us to serve you, as it is our desire to offer the very best possible service and prices to grave marker wholesalers and retailers.

Different Headstone Options Available in the Market:

Flower Bed Headstones

Headstones with flower bed

Flower Bed Headstones and Monuments are usally popular as many pepole want their loved ones to sleep underground peaceful. Our super quality granite Flower bed headstones can satisfy these customers.

Browse the following samples of Flower Bed Headstones and found what you nee. Or you can customize headstones and email us photos or pictures with detailed size.

Sample of Flower Bed Headstones

Code: Bed-1

Code: Bed-2

Code: Bed-3

Code: Bed-4

Code: Bed-5

Code: Bed-6

Code: Bed-7

Code: Bed-8

Code: Bed-9

Code: Bed-10

Code: Bed-11

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Cross Tombstones

Our range of Cross Tombstones are hand-carved includes natural rock edges, polished, natural or sandblasted finishes and carved effects including crosses, flowers, animals, angels and more.
Please click on the small images above to see a few examples from our huge range.

Samples of Cross Tombstones

Code: Cross-1

Code: Cross-2

Code: Cross-3

Code: Cross-4

Code: Cross-5

Code: Cross-6

Code: Cross-7

Code: Cross-8

Code: Cross-9

Code: Cross-10

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Companion Headstones

Companion headstones are available to memorialize those who were together in life. This is a tasteful option currently to permanently celebrate the love two people shared in life, and to honor this bond even after death. This option is not restricted to those married in life; it is for all who shared a bond and a lifetime of unity.

Companion memorials are not reserved for partners that perish together. Companion grave markers are available even if one loved one passes away sooner than the other. The memorial will be set up when the first loved one is buried.

The date of death of the remaining partner can remain un-carved until his or her passing, or the memorial stone can be placed after both members are laid to rest together.

A companion headstone contains not only the date of birth and date of death but bu also the anniversary dates can be carved onto the marker. It is also a common practice to add pictures of the deceased. Often, individual pictures will be on the outer sides of the stone, while a picture of both deceased together is in the middle.

The design option in the case of the companion headstones is found to be much wider. They include flat, slanting, pillar, arch and all other designs. And large size is necessary to include the name of both deceased and the traditional marker information. The shapes of the memorial are often hearts joined together. The shapes available vary greatly. There is little doubt that the perfect shape can be found to memorialize two loved ones and their bond of love. However, the material for the production of these markers provides a choice between sandstone, granite, marble and bronze.

Companion Headstones Designs

Code: Couple-1

Code: Couple-2

Code: Couple-3

Code: Couple-4

Code: Couple-5

Code: Couple-6

Code: Couple-7

Code: Couple-8

Code: Couple-9

Code: Couple-10

Code: Couple-11

Code: Couple-12

Code: Couple-13

Code: Couple-14

Code: Couple-15

Code: Couple-16

Code: Couple-17

Code: Couple-18

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Canopy Headstones

Offer all kinds of Canopy headstones, tombstones, grave makers, monuments that made from all kinds of granite and marble material. China Black Canopy headstone is our main product. Customers from all over the world like this kind of cemetery monuments.

Headstones: Popular thickness: 3″ 4″ 6″ 8″

  • 17"x20"  /  20"x24"  /  21"x27"  /  24"x24"
  • 24"x30"  /  30"x36"  /  42"x22"  /  42"x24"
  • 48"x24"  /  48"x26"  /  48"x28"  /  60"x28" / 60″x30″

Base: Popular thickness: 3″ 4″ 6″ 8″

  • 23"x12"  /  18"x12"  /  24"x12"  /  30"x12"
  • 34"x12"  /  36"x12"  /  42"x12"  /  48"x12"
  • 48"x14"  /  60"x12"  /  60"x14"  /  66"x12" / 66″x14″

Samples of Canopy headstones

Code: Canopy-1

Code: Canopy-2

Code: Canopy-3

Code: Canopy-4

Code: Canopy-5

Code: Canopy-6

Code: Canopy-7

Code: Canopy-8

canopy with cross

Upright Headstones

Upright Headstones for Graves

Upright headstones are what people most remember when they think of a headstone. And these monuments tombstones stand up straight with two parts. The upper part is called the tablet and the bottom is referred to as the base. Upright headstones can be cut in any shape, size and finish desired and bears the inscription that memorializes your loved one.

upright monumentsUpright headstones can be seen and appreciated from a distance, and they represent the best value in terms of size and visibility for your memorial investment. These tombstones can be single or double upright headstones and granite choices are the preferred style of memorial today.

The upright headstones and grave marker monuments we provide come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The popular colors of granite upright headstones and markers are red, gray, brown, jet black, and even green.

All of our upright monument are made of granite and marble Shanxi Black, China Black, Baldwin Green, Forest Green, Snow, and other popular marble material comes from some of the finest quarries in China. Granite is one of the hardest stones known to man, ensuring a beautiful monument that will endure for decades to come.

Our Upright Headstones are made of granite & marble Shanxi Black, China Black, Baldwin Green, Forest Green, Snow, and other popular marble material from. The featured are our black granite gravestones that in China Black, Shanxi black, Hebei Black, Mongolia Black granite. We have thousands of designs to choose from, including Apex, Book, Canopy, Cross, Diamond, Heart, Kerb set, With flower bed, Ogee, Oval, Upright Serp, and wing in shape.

Do browse our site for upright headstones and monuments, grave markers, tombstones in marble and granite, as well as custom mausoleums, vases, statues, companion monuments, cremation items and more.

Upright Monuments Headstones Designed

style designed upright headstone

Styles of Upright Headstones

black granite upright monument.jpg



















Upright Headstones on Amazon

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