Headstones with flower bed

Flower Bed Headstones and Monuments are usally popular as many pepole want their loved ones to sleep underground peaceful. Our super quality granite Flower bed headstones can satisfy these customers.

Browse the following samples of Flower Bed Headstones and found what you nee. Or you can customize headstones and email us photos or pictures with detailed size.

Flower Bed Gravestone
Tombstone Gravestone with Flower Bed

Main Features

  • Granite ledgers, are designed to lie flat on the ground in front of a cemetery memorial or headstone, covering the entire grave, in most cases.
  • Headstones with Flower Bed are commonly designed for single person and companion to memorialize two people.
  • All the visible surfaces of the headstone can be polished. A rough rock finish can be produced.
  • We can cut core holes into the ledgers that we fabricate to hold flower vases.
  • Ledgers can be personalized with unique carvings, finishes, funerary art, symbols, images, hand or laser etched scenes, sculptures, lettering, shapes, colors and textures in order to memorialize the unique life of a loved one, relative or family member.
  • Names, inscriptions, epitaphs, sayings, religious verses, poems, bible quotes and birth and death dates are usually carved or etched into ledgers with handcraft.
NameHeadstones with Flower Bed/Full Grave Ledgers
ShapeFlat and flush to ground ledger in front of a cemetery headstone
MaterialGranite or Marble
ColorBlack, Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, etc.
FinishingLettering, Photo Etching, Hand carving, etc.
SizeStandard Size or Customized Size.
Delivery21 days after receiving deposit
PackingFumigated wooden crate outside, with plastic foam protection inside.
Grave Ledger Headstone with Flower Bed Parameters

Different Memorial Ledgers Headstones with Flower Bed Options Available:

Cemetery Headstones offers designs granite headstones with flower bed, grave ledgers, grave covers, full and half ledger grave markers, grave ledger stones in different colors, size, and designs. You can browse the following samples to determine what type of memorials for your beloved one, or you can also design and build a custom upright or slant memorial with curved top, or any other shape, with any inscription you want and any design you can imagine. Just send us your idea and pictures to us through email: sales@cemetery-headstones.net.

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Would you like to buy a grave ledgers and cemetery headstones with flower bed for memorials directly from a manufacturer?

At Cemetery Headstones, we offer a large variety of standard cemetery monument and headstone styles and designs from which choose. We can also design and build a custom upright monument, any shape or style, with any inscription you want and any design you can imagine.

Hand carving, photo etching, and lettering are supported. Just send your design to us. Production of granite headstones and gravestones is done in our monument factory using state-of-the art equipment.

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