Granite Slabs

China Granite Slabs

Granite slabs, especially China Black granite slabs are famous for its superior quality and pure black color.

We have huge China granite stone in stock especially China Black. "China Black" is the world-famous granite for its purest black color and the quality is far more superior than "Indian Black" and "African Black". We can produce big size China Black slabs because we got huge granite stone from the quarry to produce and supply the best quality slabs, tiles, monument and headstone with the least cost.

All these granite are China origional and we have rich colors for your flexible selections.Surface honed cheap granite, polished china granite slab, flamed granite slab, sandblasted granite slab & tile, bush-hammered are available. Various color granite slabs can be found such as white granite, green granite, black granite, red granite, yellow granite, blue granite, grey granite, pink granite, brown granite slabs ,you can choose them for granite slab, tile or countertop vanity etc

China Black Granite slabs

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  1. Aine dempsey says:

    Hi iam lookig for a granite slab to place two pictures on about a foot in width and 30 cm long canu help me .

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