Cemetery Headstone Sprays

The headstone sprays are a fantastic way to remember your loved one. They sit on top of the headstone and can be seen from far away. Because those gravestone sprays stay off the ground, they don’t impede cemetery maintenance crews and, thus, can remain in place for extended periods of time.

Headstone Spray Saddle

Headstone flower arrangements are attached to the top of the headstone by a special saddle (or bracket). This saddle is specifically made to fit over the headstone without harming it. The saddle consists of four bendable metal arms used to clamp the arrangement over the headstone. These special arms are equipped with protective covers to prevent the headstone from being scratched.

How to make headstone saddle arrangement on top of the gravestone?

Best way to attach your floral spray to the top of a headstone is to use the Headstone Flower Anchor. This simple flower anchor could protect your cemetery flowers from being blew away. More importantly, it won’t damage the gravestone and it’s completely hidden, so all you see are the flowers on top of the stone.

headstone flower anchor

What you need to do is peel off the tape backing, adhere it to the stone, and then clip it to the bottom of the headstone flower arrangement. The stone needs to have a smooth surface for proper adhesion, and you should clean the area you plan to attach the anchor prior to placing it on the stone. (The WalterDrake Head Stone Cleaner works perfect for cleaning.) It takes only a few seconds to secure your flowers to the stone! And the tape is sticky enough to hold through bad weather without damaging the stone.

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