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Upright Headstones

Upright Headstones for Graves

Upright headstones are what people most remember when they think of a headstone. And these monuments tombstones stand up straight with two parts. The upper part is called the tablet and the bottom is referred to as the base. Upright headstones can be cut in any shape, size and finish desired and bears the inscription that memorializes your loved one.

upright monumentsUpright headstones can be seen and appreciated from a distance, and they represent the best value in terms of size and visibility for your memorial investment. These tombstones can be single or double upright headstones and granite choices are the preferred style of memorial today.

The upright headstones and grave marker monuments we provide come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The popular colors of granite upright headstones and markers are red, gray, brown, jet black, and even green.

All of our upright monument are made of granite and marble Shanxi Black, China Black, Baldwin Green, Forest Green, Snow, and other popular marble material comes from some of the finest quarries in China. Granite is one of the hardest stones known to man, ensuring a beautiful monument that will endure for decades to come.

Our Upright Headstones are made of granite & marble Shanxi Black, China Black, Baldwin Green, Forest Green, Snow, and other popular marble material from. The featured are our black granite gravestones that in China Black, Shanxi black, Hebei Black, Mongolia Black granite. We have thousands of designs to choose from, including Apex, Book, Canopy, Cross, Diamond, Heart, Kerb set, With flower bed, Ogee, Oval, Upright Serp, and wing in shape.

Do browse our site for upright headstones and monuments, grave markers, tombstones in marble and granite, as well as custom mausoleums, vases, statues, companion monuments, cremation items and more.

Upright Monuments Headstones Designed

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Styles of Upright Headstones

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Angel Monuments

Children angel monuments or kid angel carving headstones, tombstones add dignity and hope to memorialize your loved one’s final resting place.

Roman Memorial Angel

We provides various specification and angel monuments and carved headstones to export to the world market. We design and make dramatic and impressive children angel monuments design with graceful carving. The angel grave monuments includes: Sculpture angel monuments, Carving angel heart memorials, Figure carving tombstones with single angel heart and wings, Double angels with double hearts cemetery monuments, children angel gravestones, kid angel memorials. And also religious monuments like Jesus, Mary. r animal carving tombstones like Teddy Bear headstone etc. Monumental Carving work also include such as rose flower carving, tree carving, landscape etching, etc.

1) Shape Design Available: “S” Shape monuments, Serpentine headstones, Oval, Apex, Tear Drop, Roof, Gothic, Scroll, Heart tombstones, Cross, Wing, Book, Pillar, Gate, Canopy, Chapel memorials, Pagoda, Rock(Natural) gravestones, Tree carving, Flower carving and etching, Animal carving, Angel carving shape monuments, etc.

2) Monument Styles Available: including lawn plaque, slant headstone, bevel marker, pillow marker, desktop wedge memorials, upright headstone, single monument, companion monuments, Kerb-set Monument with cover slab or ledger, Double monument, Multiple Monument, Garden Bed Monuments, Children Memorials, Pet Monument, Mausoleum, Obelisk, Vase, Bench, Urn, Candle Holder, etc.

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