Tombstones is a central memorial tradition to honor the one whow passed.

granite tombstonesNowadays tombstones often be designed elaborately. The beautiful structure and elegant design of most tombstones today makes a stroll through one of today’s cemeteries reminiscent of a walk through a lovely park.

Tombstones’ style changed much in these year. Tombstones of yesteryear were usually large, upright pieces of sculpted stone that had written information about the people whose graves they marked. But most of today’s tombstones are smaller, simpler, plaque-like pieces made of bronze, granite, or a combination of the two, and they are displayed directly on the ground at the head of graves. The up-right tombstones are less common today than they once were because time has shown that they have a tendency to deteriorate and fall over as years pass. Tombstones that are installed at ground level are designed to weather the elements much longer.

Today’s tombstones usually come in two varieties: bronze and granite. Bronze tombstones typically include bronze plates with special memorial designs and lettering that name the deceased as well as the dates of birth and death. These plates are then attached to granite bases and then installed in cemeteries as beautiful tombstones. Granite tombstones, meanwhile, are formed from one of the world’s oldest and strongest natural materials, which has been shaped, polished and chiseled into a tombstone that will certainly last for ages.

Special Tombstone Symbols and Their Meaning:

Probably, the best place to see the language of symbols is in your local cemetery. Different symbols and emblems used on tombstones and headstones have different meanings and understandings. The following is a small sampling of some common tombstone symbols. Like any type of art, some images fall out of fashion, and some icons are favored in one area and unseen in another. For example, one image common in cemeteries in the Midwest is that of shaking hands. This image is not common in Colorado cemeteries.

anchor symbolANCHOR – A symbol of hope and steadfastness. An anchor with a broken chain means cessation of life. This type of emblem is often used on tombstone of a deceased who was a seaman.

book tombstone symbolBook – Often, represents the Bible, but, it can simply mean knowledge. An open book might signify an open heart or mind, open to the word of God. A closed book usually indicates a completed life.

angel tombstone symbolAngels – A guide to Heaven. It means the agent of God and guardians of the dead. It basically symbolizes spirituality.

bird tombstone symbolBird – A flying bird indicates the flight of the soul to God. It also symbolizes of rebirth and eternal life, spirituality, messenger of God or peace.

arch tombstone symbolArch – Arch symbolizing a triumphant entry into Heaven or victory over death. It also means re-union with partner in Heaven.

broken column tombstone symbolBroken Column – A noble life lived by the deceased. When the column is used in a broken or draped format it symbolizes early death along with mourning and grief.

cherub tombstone symbolCherub – It represents divine wisdom or justice. Sleeping cherub is a symbol of innocence and it is primary used on a infant’s or a child’s gravestone.

butterfly tombstone symbolButterfly – It is symbolic of the resurrection of Christ.

rose tombstone symbolRose – Roses are known for their fragrance and their beauty. Often they are emblems of love, victory, hope, unfailing love, triumph and purity.

lily tombstone symbolLily – A symbol of chastity, innocence, purity and rebirth.

Myrtle leaves – A symbol of undying love and/or peace.

olive branch tombstone symbolOlive branch – A symbol of peace, forgiveness, and one’s humanity.

oak leaves tombstone symbolOak – Oak symbols strength, endurance, faith and virtue. The oak leaves and acorn stand for power, authority or victory.

heart leaves tombstone symbolHeart – A symbol of love, devotion, joy, and/or mortality. Two joined hearts on a stone mark a happy marriage.

hourglass tombstone symbolHourglass – A symbol of the swift passage of time, as in the shortness of life on earth.

Ivy – A symbol of either eternal life or undying affection.

lamb tombstone symbolLamb – A symbol meaning innocence; used primarily on an infant’s or a child’s gravestone.

laurel tombstone symbolLaurel – Laurel leaves or laurel wreath, symbolizing triumph over death or ever green the memory of the deceased.

Poppy – It is a symbol that stands for eternal sleep.

Pyramid – It is a symbol that means resurrection, eternal life, enlightenment and spiritual attainment.

rooster tombstone symbolRooster – A rooster usually indicates vigilance, awakening and courage.

female figure tombstone symbolFemale Figure – Usually depicted in a sorrowing posture, a symbol of sorrow and grief.

start tombstone symbolStar – A symbol of Divine guidance. A 5-pointed star represents the Star of Bethlehem, whereas a 6-pointed star represents creation or the God.

garland tombstone symbolGarland – It indicated victory over death.

finger tombstone symbolFinger – Pointing downward, a symbol of “calling the earth to witness. Pointing upward, most common, symbolizing the pathway to Heaven or the deceased found Heavenly reward.

celtic cross tombstone symbolCross – It is a symbol of faith and eternity. When used on the graveyards of military persons it means trials, victory and reward.

sword tombstone symbolSword – A sword symbolizes the deceased’s military service. A broken sword symbolizes a life cut short, whereas crossed swords symbolize that the deceased died in battle. Inverted sword means relinquishment of power, victory, and sheathed swords symbolized temperance.

Swallow – A symbol of motherhood, the spirit of children, or a symbol of consolation.

urn tombstone symbolUrn – A symbol for the soul, immortality or penitence.

sun tombstone symbolSun – Sun rising, a symbol of renewed life or resurrection; Sun setting, a symbol of death; Sun shing, a symbol of everlasting life; Sun winged, a symbol of spiriturlity and everlasting life.

moon tombstone symbolMoon – A symbol of death, rebirth, or victory.

sun tombstone symbolSun – Sun rising, a symbol of renewed life or resurrection; Sun setting, a symbol of death; Sun shing, a symbol of everlasting life; Sun winged, a symbol of spiriturlity and everlasting life.

Tree trunk – A symbol of the frevity of one’s life. The number of broken branches indicate the deceased family members who were interred at that site.

Triangle – The symbol of the Holy Trinity. An emblem in the shape of a triangle means truth, equality and the holy trinity.

Wheat – A symbol that means the body of Christ.

Wheel – It symbolizes the cycle of life, enlightenment, spiritual power.

Wreath – A symbol of victory

wreath tombstone symbolWreath of roses – A symbol of heavenly joy and bliss.
Wreath on Skull – It is a symbol of victory of death over life.

weeping willow tombstone symbolWeeping willow – It is a symbol of mourning, grief, sorrow, lamentation.