Serp Top Monuments

Serp Top Monuments

The Serp Top Monuments usually are upright style with both back polished. The serp top can be polished or rock pitched, which gives it a rough natural stone appearance. The front of the serp top headstone can have flowers or photos or even cartoons being engraved.

Serp Top Monuments are available with a polished, part polished, honed or rustic finish in the following natural colours:

  • Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Grey, White, Pink, Brown, Multicolor etc. Such as Shanxi Black, China Black, Mogolia Black, Fengzheng Black, Black Galaxy, Impala Black, G654, G684 Black Pearl, G633, G603, G562, G682, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Ruby Red, Multicolor Red, Aurora, Paradiso, Bahama Blue, Orion, White Marble monument, tombstone, memorials, etc

Samples of Serp Top Monuments

Serp Top design

russian serp top monument

serp top monument

black granite monuments

Serp Top Monuments Headstones on Amazon:

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