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dog memorial stonesPet memorial is a wonderful way to commemorate our passed pets like dogs, cats, birds, and other lives who gave us so much love and companionship. A traditional pet grave marker will remind us of them here, honor our beloved pet’s memory. Pet memorial stones and marker are used to mark a pet’s resting place in a pet cemetery or serve as a memorial in one’s garden.

Pet loss, for many, has been equated to human loss. We understand the feelings of sorrow and loss that comes with pet’s passing. A finely engraved pet memorial marker truly helps with closure and the healing process. As a pet is an extension of a human family, pet headstones are always designed to meet the highest memorial industry standards. You can get a pet headstone installed in a private residence or in any specially designated pet cemetery.

Pet cemetery can be found in every large city across America, such as the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in southern California. Here you can find a huge collection of pet headstones on display. Irrespective of where you choose to install the pet headstone, it will help to preserve the memory of your beloved pet for ages.

You can choose a simple or elaborate headstone for your beloved pet. Also you can opt for a headstone engraved with a epitaph. A good pet epitaph can simply be a pet’s name, followed by the years of his or her life. What’s more, you can choose some poem, spiritual saying, and Bible verses as epitaphs. If you wish, you could also use some special wordings of your own. Such kind of an epitaph, no matter what it says, it comes from the heart and is full of love for the memory of your beloved pet.

To sum up, pet headstones are beautiful and interesting pet memorial concept, you can also consider one for you own beloved, cherished friend.

At, we combine the most beautifully natural stone and unsurpassed craftsmanship to create unique and memorable memorials that will stand the test of time. The quality of our engraved stones is second to none! Whether your engraved stone is used as a grave marker or headstone or as a memorial garden stone, it will serve you and your loved ones well as a unique reminder of the friendship that you shared.

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