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Upright Headstones

Upright headstones are what people most remember when they think of a headstone. And these monuments tombstones stand up straight with two parts. The upper part is called the tablet and the bottom is referred to as the base. Upright headstones can be cut in any shape, size and finish desired and bears the inscription that memorializes your loved one.

Flat Grave Markers

Grave Makers on the market come in two varieties – bronze and granite grave markers. Granite Grave Markers are probably the most popular grave markers then bronze grave markers. Granite grave markers are formed from the world’s oldest and strongest natural materials, which has been shaped, polished and decorated into a grave headstones that will certainly last for years.

Pet Memorials

Pet memorial is a wonderful way to commemorate our passed pets like dogs, cats, birds, and other lives who gave us so much love and companionship. A traditional pet grave marker will remind us of them here, honor our beloved pet’s memory. Pet memorial stones and marker are used to mark a pet’s resting place in a pet cemetery or serve as a memorial in one’s garden.

Memorial Vase

Memorial Vases for flowers can be added to the base of a headstone in a matching granite or metal. We offer a wide assortment of Memorials vases to enhance and personalize the monument. And you can get your inscription / lettering on all vases and splays.
Headstones are also known as tombstones or gravestones in many parts of the world. Headstones are memorial stones set in the memory of the person at his or her grave. The history of headstone is very interesting as well as fascinating too as you get to know about attitudes, beliefs, and livelihoods of our ancestors. Let’s have a brief look at headstone history.
For centuries, granite has been the material of choice for headstones, grave markers, gravestones, tombstones, grass markers, flat markers and monuments. Many individuals feel that only a granite headstone or flat granite marker can adequately memorialize a loved one. With its enduring beauty, granite is the ideal medium to communicate a personal message of remembrance for generations to come. As well, the uniqueness of each granite formation reminds us of the rare and special contributions our loved ones have made to our world. Today you and your family will be selecting a granite headstone or gravestone for someone dear to you. Rest assured, you are making the right selection. A grave marker that lasts forever is as special and relevant as the memories you hold in your heart.